More Torque, More Power, More Efficient.

The Ironman 4x4 Bigbore Exhaust System is designed with Australian Four Wheel Driving and Touring in mind. The improved design allows the engine to breathe more efficiently increasing torque and pulling power.




The team at Ironman 4x4 have vigorously road tested standard vehicles to check boosts and engine temperatures. Using this information they have been able to tailor engineer exhausts to suit each vehicles specific requirements. The result is an exhaust that provides optimum power, torque and efficiency improvements when compared to a factory exhaust.

Australian Made, Designed, & Engineered

Mandrel Bent Exhaust Systems.

Includes Dump pipe*

Diesel catalytic convertors

10mm Flange plates

Stainless steel flex bellows

Includes Resonator

Complete mounting kit including hardware, flange gaskets and mounting rubbers

1.6 Wall aluminised steel

Set up and designed for towing

Easy to fit.